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Do you find it difficult to attend an appointment during the working day?

Dated: 24-Jun-16

Extended Hours service

Did you know that Ringmead Medical Practice offers booked appointments with GPs, Nurses and HCAs outside of our working day (8am to 6.30pm) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays almost every week? 

There are early morning 7.30-8am and early evening appointments 6.30-7.20pm available. Please ask at reception if you would like to book at this time. Please do remember to cancel if you no longer need this appointment.

There is also a pilot project running out of a local Bracknell surgery at Boundary House where, mainly local, GPs, nurses and HCAs offer booked appointments between 6.30pm and 8pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings 8am to 2pm. This service has been running since 1st December 2015 on a one year pilot and now Ringmead patients can access it too. Please see their leaflet for more information.

You still need to book via us but this will be of particular help to you if you:

  • Find it difficult to attend an appointment during the working day
  • Are a busy parent with children
  • Rely on working carers to take you to appointments
  • Need a longer consultation

Ask our reception if you find we are unable to offer you a booked appointment at a time that suits you.

Please note: until Ringmead moves over to the EMIS clinical system we only have access to the Boundary House clinic book at the reception desk computers. If the receptionists are busy, we may  have to call you back when access to that computer is available. Please be patient with our staff as this process is new to them too.

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